About Food Data Wiki

Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

What is WikiFCD?

WikiFCD (Wiki Food Composition Database) is a Wikibase-based platform that allows community members to compile food and nutrient data from around the world in an open, collaborative manner.

There are thousands of publications that include nutrient data of foods and beverages we consume. Even though this rich source of “food composition data” is available on the Internet, because they come in various languages and formats, we cannot easily combine these data and take full advantage of these data.

We want to create a community of food and nutrition researchers and practitioners, ontologists, and information scientists who are interested in applying a peer production approach to developing this global database.

Our team hopes that Food Data Wiki is a step towards improving interoperability of food and nutrition-related databases and promoting equity in nutritional research by reducing biases resulting from disparities in availability and accessibility of these data.

We hope to build a diverse community who will be able to more effectively represent the diverse food and nutrient data around the world.

Join us!

April 2022